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Possible swaps claim

Solicitor is sure I have a swaps claim

A friend on mine who I was talking to, mentioned the <a href=””>swaps</a> mis-selling scandal that was about to hit the headlines. It immediately struck a cord as I was certain that I had been advised to do something with the mortgage I had on a premises I owned in a previous business I had.


It turns out that like the PPI claim scandal that has been in the press for years now swaps are going to be thge next thing that we find out about but in this case many businesses like my  own went through in part due to the <a href=””>mis-selling</a> of financial products like mortgages etc. What is encouraging  according to the solicitor dealing with my claim not only have the banks set aside vast pools of money to settle cases but they also do seem happy about actually going to court to fight the case and so many if not most  are being settled long before the court dates are  set.

My swaps claim is gathering pace

i am claiming for a swaps mis-selling settlement


What started as a half interested, partly intrigued by the whole thing call, has really gathered some pace and it looks certain that I not  only have a claim  but stand a good chance of winning. This will be a massive help and a huge out of the blue bonus that will make such a difference. Given it was unknown and unexpected to say the least I am now quite excited to see how this will pan out.


<a href=””></a>The solicitor seems to think it an open and shut case and it really does make you think just what a scandal this all is. People went out of business and were caused real hardship because of terrible advice from insitutes you would expect to be trustworthy. But with the bonuses then PPI and now swaps I for one have little confidence left in these banking institutions and will not trust them again for a long time. Hopefully yet another very painful and expensive learning curve will make them think twice about the shady and dishonest way they have allowed staff to perform thier duties will be a thing of the past.

£380,000 swaps claim settled

I am even more heartened  bythe fact that I read that oine claim by the company I am using has just settled out of court for nearly four hundred thousand pounds and they even said to me whilst very complicated the actual claims are pretty straightforward in that you either were mis sold these products or you weren’t, and if your business mortgage did have a swaps element to them the likelihood is you were poorly advised and will have a claim.


There are billions of pounds set aside for the handling of these claims and with much still left for future claims you might want tto dig out your old paperwork and check if you had a swaps element to your business mortgage. <a href=””></a>