our rabbit attempt for Sally's name plaques

Bespoke name plaques for Jack and Sally

I found a really cool website that had lots of ideas for handmade products you could do yourself and some bespoke name plaques for the kids caught my eye. You could make them with the children and they looked amazing and when I spoke to the pair of them they were super excited to get started. It was going to get rather messy and so we decided to plan it in the week and then make a start early Saturday morning to give us the day to allow drying and painting etc.

Choosing name plaques design

There was still some work to do for them both too! I told them they need to choose a subject design for their signs and asked them to draw out what they had in mind, which to be fair kept them very busy and quiet for a few hours. Jack decided unsurprisingly on Star Wars and Sally went with a floral / fluffy animal design that was typical of her. With so much to do at the weekend it was nice to get them involved prior to it as I wanted it to be as much their project as mine.
The signs were made up of a flat base and then the moulded design and so we decided to make a start on the flat base before the weekend so it was dry and solid before we tried to add the moulded elements. We used an old box lined with cling film to put the paper mache into and prevent it sticking and then left it ready to make a start on the more difficult moulded parts.

Operation name plaques began

The long awaited day came and after an hour of lining everything in sight with rags and sheets to prevent damage the carnage was ready to begin. Jack was like a caged tiger ready to splash paint everywhere, I don’t think he really got it would take the day just to create his masterpiece let alone colour it! The kids got stuck in and we began on Jack’s first. I have never created an R2D2 before and we did have a couple of failed attempts before we cracked it, but then he insisted on a spaceship which I dreaded at first. The spaceship was a lot easier the blocky nature of it meant we used little boxes as moulds and when it was done it did look really good. All the way through Jack’s though I kept looking at Sally’s little animals and thought they would turn out like deformed ones but with a huge amount of time and patience we managed to make her rabbits and butterflies look like they should and hers turned out really well too.

Painting was messy but fun too and i am really proud of the way they have both turned out. If you have young children I would recommend you have a go at making some name plaques yourself, it will keep them amused for hours and they look great at the end. http://www.stonesign.com

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