I am an alternative to normal and love being a bit different. I am a huge fan of travel and have been fortunate enough to travel extensively around the world for both business and pleasure. My favourite parts of the world are the Middle East and China and I try to go back as much as fin aces and work allow. Part of my business involves travelling to distant parts of the planet and luckily I do quite a bit in China so I can combine business with pleasure.

At home I have children and they are really good kids especially as I have to be away on a regular basis. They love going abroad too which helps so I try to fit in around school holidays so they can come along and experience these places themselves and enjoy different cultures, history and cuisines.

As well as travelling with me around the world we also love to explore the UK in our camper van. Getting away in it is great fun even if it is a bit compact and bijou.

For kicks we love to entertain and socialise and also love getting out into the fresh air for long walks and adventures. We are members of our local rambling club and get out with them as much as our busy schedules allow. We are hoping to move soon out into the country as we are both involved in the business it allows us to make these life choices and we have deliberated for ages on whether it would negatively effect the business however given we are general out and about an awful lot we have agreed it should not make too much difference. This will happen now in the next twelve months but until then it’s the metropolis for us and all that entails.

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