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Lyon is an important city of France and it is located on the intersection routes between Paris and Marseille. Lyon hosts the headquarters of major institutions such as UNESCO World Heritage List and Interpol.

Urban transportation is provided by train, metro, bus or taxi. Transportation cards are sold for use in public transportation vehicles. You cannot travel without having these cards that are available as one-way, daily and two-day cards.

Please remember to check your travel card at the (subway) exit, otherwise you can lose all the balance on your card. St. Exupery Airport is located in Lyon and there are flights to the major cities of Europe at the airport. In general, trains are used to go to the cities like Paris and Marseille. Lyon has a developed urban transportation network. It is possible to visit everywhere by metro and bus services.


The best way to reach St. Exupery Airport from the city center is to get on the Rhonexpress train. The train runs from early morning until midnight. You can reach the airport in about half an hour by train even from the farthest point of the city.


You can reach the airport by taking a taxi all day long. Taxi is the best option for you if you have too much luggage and ifyour time is running out.

Rent a car

You can catch your plane after delivering the rental car, which you have rented to get around the city, to the offices of car rental companies at the airport. There are the offices of the companies including Budget, FirstGT, Europcar, Sixt and Alamo at the airport.

Airport Information

Lyon St. Exupery was first opened in 1975. Afterwards, it has been transformed into an important airport where direct flights are made to the major cities of the world and Europe. In Turkey, there are flights from Istanbul, Izmir, and Antalya to Lyon. More than 40 companies arrange Lyon flights.

The airport is about 20km from the city center. St. Exupery is one of the busiest airports in France. There are food and beverage areas, duty free and shopping opportunities at the airport.

You can get to the Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport in about 25-30 minutes when you take the road from the city center of Lyon. You can directly arrive at the airport by using tramway system which is one of the fastest and most comfortable transportation vehicles commonly preferred by the passengers wanting to travel to the airport from the city center, or you can use other alternatives such as buses, taxis, trains and bicycles. Lyon is also surrounded by wonderful centers for travelers interested in skiing. From these places you can get to the airport terminal by benefitting from the services arranged for going to the airport. The cost of reaching the airport from the city center by taxi is not very high, but if you have to travel from a place not very close to the city, this fare may significantly increase.


By train you can reach the airport directly from many cities such as Aix en Provence, Avignon, Modane, Montpellier, Grenoble, Marne-la-Vallée, Milan, Miramas, Marseille, Paris and Valence. The train can be considered as a fast and affordable vehicle for passengers coming from other cities. You can buy the tickets you need to get on the train from train stations. When you arrive at the airport by train, you can reach the terminal from the station by walking for a few minutes.


If you want to travel from Lyon city center to the airport without suffering traffic jam, you can get on one of trams that take passengers to the airport from the city center with its regular services. It is possible to travel from the center to the airport by tramway every day of the week. You can arrive at the airport from the city center in maximum 30 minutes by tramway, and you can buy your ticket from one of the ticket vending machines found in each station.

Electric Cars

In Lyon city center, there are many stations where you can rent electric cars. You can rent your car by visiting one of these stations and you can travel to the airport with these environmental-friendly electric cars. When you arrive at Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport with the car you have rented from the city center, you can return your car at the car delivery station located near the terminal.

Shuttle Buses

Shuttle buses offer economical, comfortable and fast travel opportunity for passengers from the center of Lyon and many different cities in the region. By moving from the Voiron, Annecy, Domancy, Grenoble and Saint-Etienne, you can directly arrive at the airport terminal by shuttle buses. By taking a taxi on your location, you can easily get to the departure points of the shuttle buses moving from the city center.


Taxis are generally good alternatives for the transportation from the city center of Lyon to the airport. They are not too expensive. However, if you will travel to the airport from a different city, the amount you need to pay may increase. For this reason, if you are coming from places like Givors, Anecy and Macon, you can get in contact with the taxi driver to find out the average fare you are required to pay and then according to your budget you can decide whether to use a taxi or not.

Ski Shuttle Services

There are many ski resorts around Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport. You can evaluate the option of arriving at the airport with a vehicle that can be considered partly cheaper. By taking one of shuttles that carry the passengers within the framework of the service offered by these resorts, you can easily get to the airport. Ski shuttle services are generally available during the winter season, but you can contact the companies offering shuttle service for the transportation to the airport in the spring and summer months.

Car Rental

Many different companies such as Enterprise, Hertz, AVIS, National and Alamo offer service for passengers who want to rent a car in the city. Once you have rented your car, you can follow the airport directions continuing along the road and you can arrive at the airport within 30 minutes. If you are traveling from a different city or town, you should consider the traffic and take the road a bit earlier in order not to miss your flight. If you have rented your car in the city center, you can contact the company in advance to get information about whether you can deliver the car at the airport, and in this way you can head for your plane after delivering the car at the specified point.


In Lyon, which is one of the bicycle friendly cities of Europe, you have a chance to come to the airport with a bicycle without having any trouble. By following bicycle trails, you can easily arrive at the airport. Furthermore, when you have arrived at the airport, you can easily leave your bicycle in parking areas.

Private Services

There is also an opportunity to arrive at Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport with comfortable vehicles of private services carrying at least 2 and more passengers. Another feature of the services carrying their passengers to the airport by picking them up from certain points is that they are shared cars. Compared with other alternatives, with this method you can come to the airport in a much more affordable and comfortable way.

Limousine Rental

You can rent a limousine to travel to the airport with a more luxurious and comfortable vehicle in Lyon. You can rent a limousine in the city by choosing among a large number of different limousine rental companies and you can be at the airport in a very short time. The limousines take you to the entrance of Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport by picking you up from your location. If you are staying in a hotel in the city, you can get help from your hotel about renting a limousine.

Airport Information

Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport offers an extremely pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for its passengers with its large duty-free areas, shops, restaurants and cafes. At the airport you can find ATMs that you can use for your transactions, help desks, waiting rooms and many more. Payot Bookstore is one of the stores where you can take a glance at many books in English and French while you are waiting for your flight at the airport. In AELIA DUTY FREE, you can find many local and foreign product options and buy many things such as chocolate, souvenirs and perfumes. Another alternative for shopping is FNAC, which offers video games and a variety of audio and video products. If you want to buy cosmetics before leaving the airport, you can visit L'Occitane. You can visit Danael store if you want to take a glance at the watch alternatives while you are walking around at the airport. In case you need to spend the night near the airport, it is very easy to get in contact with one of the hotels nearby. If you want to eat or drink something at Lyon–Saint Exupéry Airport, you can visit Millie's Cookies, Alto Café, Brioche Dorée, NHube or Pizza Hut. In addition to all these places, you can also visit Starbucks Coffee, Bar 2.21, Atelier des 2 Rives, OL Brasserie, O'picnic, Premium Bar, Kyriad Restaurant, Café LUG and Le Bar. At the airport train station, you can get snacks from Bread & Co. At the airport there are also private passenger lounges which offer high speed internet, free foods and comfortable seats. Dzhari Lounge, Europe Lounge, Hegoa Lounge, Les Ecrins Lounge and Solano Lounge are among the passenger lounges that you can benefit from.

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