Lake Annecy Summer Holidays | Lakes & Mountains (2023)

Top summer activities to experience inAnnecy

Please note Peak Retreats do not book any activities and most activities are payable. For more information about pricing and availability, please contact the Annecy Tourist Office on 0033 450 45 00 33.

Walking/hiking in Lake Annecy
Walk 1 idea - Walk from St-Jorioz to St-Eustache following the river of Le Laudon. Discover former rural roads, former renewed farms and numerous orchards. Wonderful viewpoints on the lake, mountains and surroundings.
Walk 2 idea -Walk upon the town of Duingt to have the impression of being between two lakes. With the big lake on your left and the small one on your right, you will have a wonderful view of Le Roc de Chère and the mountain of La Tournette just in front of you.

Top family beaches in Annecy
La Brune beach - sandbank at the lakeside, gently sloping into the water…perfect for spending a lovely afternoon on this sunny grass beach. Blue Flag since 2009. In July/August (11 am - 7 pm), the beach is monitored by Lifeguards. Children's paddling pool. Showers and toilets. Snack bar and restaurant on-site (Veyrier-du-Lac).
Angon beach - l
ooking for a beach with a gradual slope into the water? This lovely grassy, sandy beach is very family-friendly and fits the bill perfectly. Children will love splashing about at the edge of the creek that runs through it. From 24th June to 3rd of September (10am-7pm), admission charge for beach which is monitored by Lifeguards. Enjoy a game of beach volleyball or pétanque. Picnic tables. Showers and toilets. Lockers and deckchairs for hire. Snack bar and refreshment stall on-site. Restaurants close by (Talloires).
Municipal beach - lay your beach towel out on the grass at this recently revamped sandy beach and enjoy the peace and quiet as you gaze at Les Dents de Lanfon and Tournette Mountain. July and August, beach monitored by Lifeguards. Children's games. Showers and toilets. Snack bar and restaurant on-site. Just a stone's throw away is the sailing and canoe and kayak clubs. Direct access from the promenade cycle path (Sevrier).
Municipal beach - opposite the Dents de Lanfon and the Tournette mountain, a large grassy sandy beach. Ideal for families and children. "Blue Flag" label since 2010. In July/August (9.30 am - 5.30 pm), the admission charge for the beach is monitored by Lifeguards. Relax in the shade of the tall trees, enjoy a game of volleyball or pétanque, or the diving board, pontoons, and children's paddling pool and games. Showers and toilets. Snack bar and restaurant on-site. Just a stone's throw away is the Les Roselières path for exploring the lakeside (St Joriaz).
Talloires beach - relax on the grass at this beach opposite the Château de Duingt. A truly beautiful place where the deep blue waters of the lake contrast with the lush green of the park. From 24th June to 3rd September (10am-7pm), admission charge for the beach which is monitored by Lifeguards. Enjoy a game of beach volleyball, pétanque or table tennis, or the diving board and the children's paddling pool. Showers and toilets. Lockers and deckchairs for hire. Snack bar and refreshment stall on-site. Restaurants close by. Just a stone's throw away is the diving, sailing and rowing clubs, as well as the magnificent promenade in the Baie de Talloires (Talloires).

Water activities
Watersports, Windsurf, Sailing, Catamaran, Stand up paddle
31 rue des Marquisats

The Boat
Board a sailing catamaran for an unforgettable trip on Lake Annecy.The Boat offers a variety of options: 2h, day or sunset trip to learn about sailing or just relax.

Port de Létraz
74320 Sevrier

Acro'Aventures Talloires
In the hills of Lake Annecy, this is a multi-activity site accessible to everyone: 4 levels of High-Wire Adventure Courses, Bikepark, Treasure hunts, the Forest of Senses, Orienteering Course, Lasertag etc.

(Video) The ULTIMATE Travel Guide: Annecy, France

The Grand Adult Course (accessible for those over 1.4 m / 16 years)
The Junior Course (accessible for those over 1.3 m)
The Children's Course (accessible for those over 1 m)
The Bikepark (on your bike for 1 km of trail dotted with obstacles, banked bends, turns, bumps and aerial walkways. Ages 7 and up)
Lasertag (in a forest strewn with traps, you need to aim with precision at the beacons on your adversaries' weapons to win the laser battle. Ages 7 and up)
The Forest of Senses (discovering the environment through the theme of the 5 senses, moving through secured aerial walkways and a path dotted with interactive workshops. Accessible to everyone, including pushchairs and wheelchairs)
The Treasure Hunt (3 different themes according to age, clues to find and treasures at the end)
The Orienteering Course (armed with a map and compass, adventurers set out to find 20 hidden markers in 27 ha of forest)
The Pass activity (combine the High Wire Aventure Course with one other activity)

Annecy Markets
Since the Middle Ages, the 'old town of Annecy with its arcade streets has been a place for trade and commerce, in particular for foodstuffs from the surrounding countryside and mountains. Various days during the week.

Le Touk Touk d'Annecy
Provides transport and tours for 2 around town.Hop on board to go back to the station when you've got too many bags or hit the town at night!

Annecy Canoe/Kayak
Canoë-kayak Club d’Annecy
Base nautique des Marquisats
Tel: 0033 4 0 45 03 98

Annecy Cycling
The cycle path links between Annecy, the left bank and the south of the lake. It offers beautiful landscapes, with views of the lake and mountains. The cycle path of lake Annecy, one of the most popular in France, is situated on the former railroad connecting Annecy to Albertville. Nowadays, the 36km are accessible to everyone. It can also be the opportunity to discover side streets and passes in the surroundings.


Annecy Swimming pool
Piscine des Marquisats
29 rue des marquisats -Annecy

Menthon-Saint-Bernard Castle
Lived in since the 11th century by the same family, built from the 11th to 19th, it has kept its rich historic furniture and decoration. See the costume displays on weekends and Public Holidays.

Butterfly and insect museum
With more than 4500 butterflies and insects from the 5 continents, this is the only museum of its type in Savoie and Haute-Savoie.
Le Château - 293 chemin de la Vie Plaine

Other activity contact details

ActivityWhere & company
ParaglidingAdrenaline Parapente
Aerial sportsAvialpes
SegwayAnnecy Segway
GolfGolf Club du Lac d'Annecy
BungeeBun J Ride, 30 mins away
Water sports, via ferrata, hot air balloonTakamaka
Annecy city tour/

Restaurants and bars in Lake Annecy

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to eateries in Lake Annecy. Quaint pavement cafes, savoyard and gastronomic restaurants, ice cream parlours with a plethora of flavours...and it goes on!

Marked by its history, the local gastronomy has taken advantage of both the mountain traditions and the developments of tourism since 150 years - here the traditional mountain dishesgo hand in hand with great gastronomic cuisine, illustrated by 5 chefs having received stars from the famous Guide Michelin.

The most famous local products are cheeses, where the closest to Annecy are the famous Reblochon and Tome des Bauges. And the lake itself offers fine fishes such as Féra or Omble Chevalier.

And to topit off, there is another important speciality! The chocolate factories are famous, in particular with the "Roseau" filled with mountain liqueur! And just like almost everywhere in France, it has an old winemaking tradition, in particular, renowned white wines like Apremont and Roussette. Parfait (perfect!)

A fabulous variety of restaurants and bars spread out across Annecy. Try the cobbled streets in the old town for some traditional charm overlooking the small canals that flow through the medieval old town.

Restaurants at Michelin standard include 'Aux Jardins des Delices & La Table de Cezanne' (Talloires) within Abbaye de Talloires, 'Les Terrasses du Cottage' (Talloires), 'Restaurant Bernard Collon' (Sevrier), 'La Voile' within Imperial Palace, 'Auberge du Lac' (Veyrier du Lac) and finally 'Les Clos des Sens' with 2 stars (Annecy le Vieux).

(Video) Annecy France Walking Tour 4K - Old Town - Most beautiful city in France - Venice of the Alps

AccessingLake Annecy

By Road (self drive options pre-bookablewith Peak Retreats):
Driving distance from Calais to Annecy 817km (approx 7hrs30)

From Calais follow the A26/E15 in the direction of Lens/Arras and then Reims. Take the exit marked Reims-Tinqueux, Châlons-en-Champagne, Metz, Nancy, Strasbourg & Lyon. Follow the A4/E50, then the E17 towards Châlons-en-Champagne. Take the exit marked Saint-Gibrien, Châlons-en-Champagne, Troyes & Lyon. Continue on the E17 then the A26/E17 towards Troyes. Next take the A40 towards Bourg-en-Bresse/Annecy and take exit 11 to Annecy.

Access to Annecy by motorway.
- From Marseille, Lyon or Chambéry: A41 exit Annecy Sud.
- From Paris, Geneva, Bourg-en-Bresse, Chamonix or Italy via Mont Blanc tunnel: A41 exit Annecy Nord.

Access to Annecy by National Road.
- From Geneva or Chambéry: D1201.
- From Chamonix or Italy: D1203.

By Rail (pre-bookablewith Peak Retreats):
TGV to Annecy from Paris.

By Plane (not pre-bookable):
Geneva 50km
Lyon Saint-Exupery 125 km

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Lake AnnecyAirport Transfer or Car Hire(pre-bookable with Peak Retreats):
Call our reservations team for details on 0844 576 0170 or a quote and availability.

(Video) diary vlog #01: Annecy during summer, friends & lake !

Fête du Lac on the 6th of August enjoy one of the biggest pyrotechnic shows in Europe. The lakeside town ofAnnecy sparkles at theFireworks Festival.


What is there to do in Lake Annecy in the summer? ›

Its stunning natural setting allows visitors to enjoy a wide choice of sporting and cultural activities from watersports (such as swimming, sailing, water-skiing or diving) and cycling (thanks to a safe cycle route running alongside the lake for over 40km) to mountain activities (hiking, mountain biking, via-ferrata, ...

What mountains are around Lake Annecy? ›

Mont Veyrier and Mont Baron are a real spectacle on the lake and the Bauges on one side, and on the Mont Blanc massif, the Bornes and the Aravis on the other.

What is Annecy France known for? ›

Annecy is internationally known for the beauty of its harmonious landscapes, but also for the quality of the lake water, thanks to the conservation efforts for over 50 years, making it the purest lake in Europe.

How high are the mountains around Annecy? ›

The Alpine mountains

In the large department of Haute Savoie there is no postcard or Instagram photo without mountains: from the highest peak, the Tournette at 2,350 metres, to the lowest at 448 metres, or even on a clear day the summit of Mont Blanc (4,810 metres high).

How many days is enough for Annecy? ›

Overall, we'd say 4 days is enough to explore the town and try a few different activities. However, especially if visiting in the summer season, you could easily spend a week or two in Annecy relaxing by the lake, trying the local restaurants, and discovering new activities.

Is one day enough for Annecy? ›

The city is small, and one day in Annecy is enough to explore the best things to do in Annecy. However, we always recommend spending at least 2 days in Annecy to explore also the lake and its surroundings.


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