What is Minecraft Hypixel and How to Join the Server (2023)

The blocky world of Minecraft has maintained its ever-growing popularity over the past decade without any hiccups. And a major credit for keeping the community active goes to the best Minecraft servers. Thanks to exclusive mods, custom Minecraft biomes, and some of the best resource packs, these servers take the regular Minecraft experience to a whole new level. But one Minecraft server that stands out the most is the Hypixel server. Running for almost a decade, Hypixel is the largest server with quality content and a huge community from across the world. It has a number of mini-games, a variety of adventure maps, and everything that you can expect from a reliable server. Once you get started on this server, it gets pretty hard to return to the vanilla world of Minecraft. With that said, let’s stop beating around the bush and explore Minecraft Hypixel and how to join this amazing server.

Minecraft Hypixel: Everything You Need to Know (2022)

We will first cover the major features of the Hypixel before moving on to the instructions for how to join this server. Use the table below to directly read the steps to join the server if that’s what you are eager to know. Though, we would suggest understanding the features of the server first. With that said, let’s dive in.

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What is Minecraft Hypixel

Minecraft Hypixel is the world’s largest Minecraft Java server that has hundreds of thousands of active players that use it every single day. Hypixel started as a Youtube channel and a collection of custom maps, but with 4 Guinness world records under its belt, it has now become an independent gaming studio running this huge server. The server supports 18 languages, and its community expands well beyond Minecraft.

There are dedicated social media channels, community forums, and an income stream that supports a team of more than 60 people. The Minecraft Hypixel server’s success is proof that creating your own Minecraft server is surely worth your time. But that’s a different story and one that we have written a detailed guide for already. For now, let’s go over all the amazing games available to play on this server.

Mini-Games You Can Play on Minecraft Hypixel

As of April 2022, the Hypixel server has 19 mini-games available for Minecraft players to enjoy. Let’s go over each of them individually.

Bed Wars

In Hypixel’s bed wars, the game spawns you alongside four teammates on separate islands. Here, players have to gather resources and defend their beds. If another player destroys your bed, you cannot respawn after dying. So the whole game’s motive is to defend and destroy beds in order to kill the other team.

Arcade Games

As the name suggests, this mini-game is a collection of even smaller fast-paced games. There are zombies, swords, fighting, building, and whatnot with fast and fun gameplay.

Build Battle

This Minecraft Hypixel game gives players a theme using which they have to build the best structure as quickly as possible. Then, the various structures are voted upon to find the best build. If you plan on trying out this game, some of the best Minecraft house ideas might come in handy.

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Duels is a simple PVP mini-game featuring different types of maps. These include Skywars, UHC, and more featuring tournament-style gameplay where players compete to top the daily leaderboard.

Arena Brawl

Similar to Duels, Arena Brawl is a PVP game mode where players can go against other players and even teams. But what sets this mini-game apart is its focus on swords, each of which has special skills attached to them.

Mega Walls

This next mini-game has similar gameplay to games like Age of Empires. You get a few minutes to gather resources and get ready before the borders drop. Then, you have to fight against three teams to survive till the end and defend your castle. There is no respawning, and each castle is home to a Wither that the other teams have to kill in order to secure the win.

Blitz Survival Games

This PUBG-like-game simply focuses on the goal of survival. You spawn alongside 16 or 32 players in a variety of maps. Then, as you can guess, you have to kill other players to be the last survivor and win the game.

Turbo Kart Racers

Taking traveling in Hypixel to the next level, this game brings a complete racing game experience in the world of Minecraft. You get custom skins, resources, and a lot more to upgrade your kart and win the game.


Skywars is an upgrade to the already popular game mode called Skyblocks. In both, players spawn on individual floating islands with limited resources. Then, you not only have to avoid falling to your death in Minecraft, but you even have to kill other players to be the last one standing.

UHC Champions

UHC is a simple hardcore survival mode where you get new recipes and unique restrictions in a custom Minecraft world. Here, just like regular Minecraft hardcore mode, you have to survive as long as you can.

Cops and Crims

As a spinoff of the “terrorist and counter-terrorist” concept of CS: GO, the Cops and Crims is a tactical shooter within Minecraft Hypixel. Both teams get guns, pistols, and grenades with an objective to plant or defuse bombs in each round.

Paintball Warfare

This is a fast-paced shooter mini-game. Here, each team is assigned to specific colors with a limited number of collective lives. One team tries to kill and take as many lives as they can until no one can respawn in the enemy team.

Smash Heroes

One of the most fun Hypixel Minecraft games is Smash Heroes. Here, players choose from one of the many heroes who have custom abilities that you can level up. Then they have to fight arena-style battles with other “heroes” to be the last player or team standing.

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Murder Mystery

Bringing back familiar vibes of games like Among Us, this mini-game in Minecraft includes three types of players: murderer, innocent, and detective. The murderer tries to kill everyone. Meanwhile, the detective and the innocents try to catch the murderer and protect each other.

The TNT Games

This custom Hypixel server game is explosive in nature as well as in gameplay. There are a variety of unique TNT-based sub-games here, and each one tries to blow you and your friends up.


Among all the games on the Hypixel Minecraft server, Quakecraft is the most fast-paced one. You can either opt for point-based or a deathmatch mode. In either of the modes, the team with the fastest and most accurate killers wins the match.


If you think the Warden in Minecraft is scary, then this dark mini-game might not suit your taste. It spawns users in a world of vampires where you can either join the dark side or try surviving while the vampires try to hunt you.

The Walls

This PVP Minecraft Hypixel game gives players 15 minutes of preparation followed by a brutal battle. During the earlier 15 minutes, players can set up defenses, craft armor, and weapons. But once the battle begins, it doesn’t end until the enemy team is completely eliminated.


Last but not least, we have the Warlord mini-game, which is one of the most celebrated features of the Hypixel server. Complete with its own 3D weapons, custom sounds, and a unique resource pack, it is essentially a new game within Minecraft. It comes with its own game modes, including domination, team deathmatch, and capture the flag.

How to Join the Minecraft Hypixel Server

The process to join the Hypixel server is identical to how you join any other Minecraft server. But keep in mind that it is exclusive to the Java edition of the game. With that said, here are the steps to join the Minecraft Hypixel server.

1. First, open your Minecraft Java game and select the “Multiplayer” option from the homescreen.

What is Minecraft Hypixel and How to Join the Server (1)

2. Then, Minecraft will warn you about the risks of joining a third-party online server. Click on the “Proceed” button after reading the warning.

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What is Minecraft Hypixel and How to Join the Server (2)

3. Now, click on the “Add Server” button at the bottom right corner of the screen. You can also use the “Direct Connection” button if you don’t want to save the server on your list.

What is Minecraft Hypixel and How to Join the Server (3)

4. Each Minecraft server has a unique server address. Hypixel has the following server address: “mc.hypixel.net“. Copy and paste it into the “Server Address” column. The server’s name can be anything you desire, but make sure that the “Server Resource Packs” toggle is set to “Enabled”. After that, click on the “Done” button, and you will have successfully joined the Hypixel server.

What is Minecraft Hypixel and How to Join the Server (4)

How to Play Mini-Games on Hypixel Server

When you first join the Hypixel server, things can feel a little overwhelming. So, follow these steps to easily fit into the world of Minecraft Hypixel.

1. When you first spawn into the server, you can see a variety of players in the same main lobby as you. Here, you can right-click on the character located to your left to get a quick tutorial on how to go about the server.

What is Minecraft Hypixel and How to Join the Server (5)

2. Then, you need to go towards the huge nether portal surrounded by a variety of statues. Also, feel free to explore the rest of the area as per your interest.

What is Minecraft Hypixel and How to Join the Server (6)
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3. Each statue near the portal represents one of the various game modes that we have described above. You can find the game’s name along with the number of active players on it by looking at the statue. Here, right-click on the game statue that interests you the most to join a game mode.

What is Minecraft Hypixel and How to Join the Server (7)

4. Alternatively, you can also equip and use the compass in your inventory to quickly select one of the Hypixel games. Once you join the game, the server guides you on how to play it.

What is Minecraft Hypixel and How to Join the Server (8)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Hypixel free to play?

Anyone who owns the official Minecraft Java edition game can join the Hypixel server for free. Though, there are some paid in-game perks that players can get.

Q. How many players does Minecraft Hypixel have?

At any given moment, Hypixel has at least 30,000 players online on the server. So, finding new friends is never an issue.

Q. I can’t join the Hypixel Server. What to do?

You can’t join regular (and best) Minecraft servers such as Hypixel on Minecraft Beta versions. If you are not on a beta build, restarting the game usually fixes most issues. But if nothing works, you can visit the official Hypixel forum to get a solution.

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Q. Is there a Bedrock Hypixel server?

Earlier, Hypixel had a Minecraft Bedrock server. But now, it’s exclusive to the Java edition of Minecraft. Well, that’s essentially because of the modding differences between Minecraft Java and Bedrock.

Start Playing on Minecraft Hypixel Today

With that, you are now ready to jump on the ever-popular Hypixel server and start living your new Minecraft life. But make sure to invite your friends to enjoy the amazing modes and gameplay on this server. Its exciting features have only been made possible with the help of many Minecraft modpacks. You can install some of them to get a similar experience in your offline world. But make sure you have Forge in Minecraft on your PC, as it allows you to run mods in the game. While adding stuff on top of Minecraft, make sure you also install Optifine for Minecraft for improved performance and better FPS. Whether you are playing offline or online, Optifine can also help you level up your experience with some of the best Minecraft shaders. With that out of the gate, I can’t wait to get back to Minecraft Hypixel’s Skywars. But which mini-game are you most excited to play on this server? Tell us in the comments below!


What is the Hypixel server IP? ›

PC Server IP: mc.hypixel.net. Pocket Edition IP: pe.hypixel.net.

Is it free to play Hypixel? ›

It is free to join and play any game on the Hypixel network. Ranks offer some good perks in Skyblock like being being able to play game updates early and fast traveling but nothing too game changing.

How much does Hypixel cost to run? ›

Its name was then modified to "Hypixel Inc." on February 2, 2015. In 2015, it was revealed that the server cost around $100,000 a month to maintain. As of April 2021, the server regularly reaches over 150,000 concurrent players, peaking at over 216,000 on April 16.

Can I join Hypixel without buying Minecraft? ›

To play Hypixel, you must have a paid Minecraft account, rather than a pirated version of the game as TLauncher provides. Is the T Launcher for Minecraft good, and will it do something wrong to my old laptop?

Is Hypixel available on PE? ›

As of 2021, there are no plans to ever revive this project, nor are there plans to make a Hypixel Bedrock Edition, which replaced pocket edition, due to same thing happend to Mineplex, when they made a Bedrock version, it split the development team to two, one focusing on Java, one focusing on bedrock.

How do I log into Hypixel? ›

Go to https://hypixel.net and click on Log in on the top right of your screen.

How do you install Hypixel on Minecraft? ›

But, to use it, of course, you need to have a Minecraft account. You can either sign in to your existing account or create a new one by heading to the official website. After you're done signing up, head to the Servers tab and join the Hypixel Servers by entering the server address: mc.hypixel.net.

Does Hypixel VIP cost money? ›

VIP is one of five donator ranks on the Hypixel Network. It is the first donator rank, a lifetime rank, and is purchasable on the Server Store at around $6.99 USD with no sales.

How does Hypixel make money? ›

Money Making Methods. An easy way to get coins is to mine sand, then selling it to the Bazaar. This guarantees you 2,000–12,000 coins per inventory. The laziest way to get coins in a short time is to buy items from the NPC, then reselling them for a higher price at the bazaar.

Can I buy Hypixel? ›

To access the Hypixel Store, please visit store.hypixel.net. Ensure all information is correct when purchasing, including Minecraft Username, Contact Email, and Payment Information.

Who currently owns Hypixel? ›

Simon Collins-Laflamme - CEO / Co-Founder - Hypixel Inc | LinkedIn.

How much Internet does Hypixel use? ›

It's around 200mb per hour iirc.

Is Hypixel paid? ›

Hypixel is NOT Pay-to-win.

Why did Hypixel get shutdown? ›

Many fans have theorized that a core reason for Hypixel China's closure was its rampant cheating problems. This was primarily driven by the fact that Minecraft China Edition is free to play. Therefore, any cheaters could easily circumvent their bans within minutes simply via creating a new Minecraft account.

Can I play Hypixel in bedrock? ›

Hypixel. One of the best Minecraft servers for a long time, Hypixel has both Bedrock and Java support and it is compatible with version 1.19 and below.

Is Hypixel still running? ›

Hypixel seems to be up and running. We've updated the status 2 minutes ago.

Has Hypixel been shut down? ›

We are not shutting down, neither is the Hypixel Studios. We are working to resolve the issues. Please keep an eye here for updates.

Why can't I play Hypixel on Minecraft? ›

First off, you have to be on computer and under java edition. Second, you need to be from 1.8–1.16. Anything under will not let you in. Then just add the server ip(Found on the Hypixel website) and you should be in.

Is Hypixel shut down right now? ›

No incidents reported today.

How do you join Hypixel without premium? ›

Is it possible to join Hypixel or Mineplex without a license? No! To join any server that requires a license, , you must be logged in under a Mojang or Microsoft account that comes with a purchased game.

How much does Hypixel gold cost? ›

10000 (+1000)$100.00€99.20
19 Oct 2022

What are the benefits of having VIP in Hypixel? ›

  • In-Game Chat Prefix [VIP]
  • Green chat name color.
  • /fw command to summon Fireworks.
  • Mailboxes in Housing.
  • 1 exclusive gadget.
  • Can open 4-star mystery boxes.
  • Up to 97 exclusive cosmetic items in mini-games.
  • VIP Avatar Frame on the forums.
26 Oct 2022

Is Hypixel a SkyBlock? ›

SkyBlock is one of the most popular games on Hypixel.

How much is a Hypixel coin worth? ›

Hypixel Skyblock Coins 10m=1.10$ Fast delivery! 6b+ in stock!
Buy Hypixel: Skyblock Coins.
Unit = 10,000,000 Coins
Units1 - 4341
Base price1.45

Who is Hypixel CEO? ›

Aaron Donaghey - Chief Executive Officer - Hypixel Studios Inc.

How much do diamonds sell for Hypixel? ›

Enchanted Diamond Blocks sell for 204,800 coins, making them very valuable. The price converts to 8 coins per diamond.

Is Hypixel cracked server? ›

It features support for both cracked and premium Minecraft accounts to join and play. Players can enjoy many of the most popular Hypixel flagship gamemodes on BlocksMC like Bedwars, Skywars, Egg Wars, The Bridge, Murder Mystery, TNT Tag, UHC, and Skyblock.

Where is the Hypixel in game store? ›

The In Game Store is an NPC located near the Mystery Vault in most lobbies, and is essentially a duplicate of the Hypixel Store.

Is Simon Hypixel British? ›

Simon Collins-Laflamme, born in Canada, whose Minecraft username is "hypixel", is the founder, namesake, and CEO of Hypixel Inc, and former CEO of Hypixel Studios.

How much do Hypixel developers get paid? ›

Hypixel Studios Salaries
Job TitleSalary
Software Engineer salaries - 2 salaries reported$131,439/yr
Senior Game Designer salaries - 1 salaries reported$124,887/yr
Technical Designer salaries - 1 salaries reported$81,903/yr
Developer salaries - 1 salaries reported$117,509/yr
1 more row

Can you play Hypixel on Xbox? ›

you cannot access hypixel from bedrock edition/without a java edition account, it is required to log into the server as hypixel is not a bedrock edition server. This is not very difficult to find out.

What do you need for Hypixel? ›

You'll need to purchase a Minecraft account (if you don't own one already) and download Minecraft; which can be done from the official Minecraft website. Once it's installed and ready to play, you can join the Hypixel server by adding it to your multiplayer server list.

How many players can join Hypixel? ›

Co-op (short for cooperation) is a special feature in Hypixel SkyBlock which allows up to 5 players to play the game together on the same island with a co-op profile island.

How long is a Hypixel day? ›

20 Minutes 0.333 Hour

What is pig +++ rank? ›

Staff Given Ranks. [PIG+++] This rank is only attributed to Technoblade. It was given personally from hypixel (one of the owners) himself, after Technoblade won numerous Minecraft Mondays.

Can I work at Hypixel? ›

At Hypixel Studios we are looking for applicants that are demonstrably passionate about their hobbies, have the drive and commitment to deliver results with minimal supervision, have international-level professional competency in their skill sets, and can demonstrate involvement with other interesting projects ...

How old do you need to be to work at Hypixel? ›

Please be aware that you need to be at least 18 years old to apply.

Can Hypixel ban you for using a VPN? ›

VPNs are legal in most countries. While it's legal to use a VPN to bypass a Hypixel ban, doing so does suggest you'd be going against Hypixel's Terms of Service.

How far can you reach on Hypixel? ›

In any case, without plugins, it would be extremely rare to get a hit above 4 blocks. Six block reach is either extremely bad lag or cheats. Usually on a server, players will get 3 block reach on the first hit and a variation of 2-4 blocks during exchanges.

How do you talk to friends on Hypixel? ›

To use the friend feature simply type /friend in-game and you will be given a list of options." Hypixel's Friend System is a way to friend people so that you can see if they are online and be able to message them.

Is Hypixel making a game? ›

Hytale. We are currently working on Hytale, a block game that combines the scope of a sandbox with the depth of a roleplaying game, immersing players in a procedurally generated world where teetering towers and deep dungeons promise rich rewards.

Who invented Bedwars? ›

Bed Wars is a three-part animation series in the works by Samuel Kyber.

Will Hypixel shut down? ›

We are not shutting down, neither is the Hypixel Studios. We are working to resolve the issues. Please keep an eye here for updates.

What is the closest server to Hypixel? ›

BlocksMC stands out as one of the best options for players who are specifically looking for a cracked server similar to Hypixel. It features support for both cracked and premium Minecraft accounts to join and play.

Is the Hypixel server still running? ›

No incidents reported today.

Who owns Hypixel now? ›

Simon Collins-Laflamme - CEO / Co-Founder - Hypixel Inc | LinkedIn.

Is Hypixel only on PC? ›

To play on the Hypixel Server, you will need to own a Minecraft account for PC/Mac (sometimes known as the Java version).

What country is Hypixel server from? ›

Hypixel Inc.
Founded23 January 2013 (9 years ago)
Founded bySimon Collins-Laflamme · Philippe Touchette
Formerly known as8414483 Canada Inc. (2013–2015)
HeadquartersVal-des-Monts, Quebec, Canada
4 more rows

In which country Hypixel server is located? ›

Hypixel Inc. Company Profile | Val-des-Monts, QC, Canada | Competitors, Financials & Contacts - Dun & Bradstreet.

Does Hypixel have a bedrock server? ›

One of the best Minecraft servers for a long time, Hypixel has both Bedrock and Java support and it is compatible with version 1.19 and below.

What is Minecraft's oldest server? ›

The oldest server map is called "Freedonia", in the Minecraft server MinecraftOnline. The server and map were created on August 4, 2010, within the first hour of Minecraft multiplayer being released.

How many Hypixel players are there? ›

Hypixel reached 10 million unique players in total in December 2016, 15 million on 18 May 2019, 18 million on 7 April 2020, and 20 million on 16 September 2020, which is over half of all Java Edition players.
Most popular Minecraft server network64,533 concurrent players7 July 2017
3 more rows

What version is Hypixel on 2022? ›

The best version for Hypixel is 1.8.9

Minecraft version 1.8. 9 is the most optimized client for our network and for the best player experience we recommend you use 1.8.


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